10 year anniversary

Back in 2003 it started out as an experiment. A team consisting of Marco Stolk, Patrick Bes and Dennis van der Stelt, build their first .NET project for a competition at CMG. It was called Wasabi.NET, based on the viral Budweiser campaign at that time. Dennis got the hang of sharing information and source code inside Wasabi.NET and decided to throw a weblog online using .Text by Scott Watermasysk. Soon more developers wanted to start a blog and not long after the Wasabi.NET weblogs were hosted on a personal computer at Dennis’ home. Some time later it was hosted at a professional hosting party and BloggingAbout.NET was born. Around the same time the transition to Community Server was made, as they provided excellent .NET Community Weblog support and licenses.

A few years later Dennis started working at a company which hosted a lot of servers for their own product and BloggingAbout.NET got its first real hardware there. It moved several times from a 19″ rack into the company’s own suite at WeDare. Somewhere in 2012 the server was moved to SmartDC, of which i3D is part of, which on its own is hosting all the European servers for Electronic Arts.

Not even two years later the move was made to Windows Azure, running a single, dedicated virtual machine running Windows Server 2013. At the same time we were still running Community Server 2008, a severely old system, due to the fact that since long, Telligent abandoned the support for free .NET Community licenses. After having plans for almost two years now, the move was finally made to WordPress after quite some free time was spend on writing a converter tool by Dennis from Community Server to WordPress.