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Wat zegt Dennis?

I’ve been a little busy with Mobile Development lately, focusing on Windows Mobile PocketPC and .NET Compact Framework 3.5 development. Mostly because of the Summer Class and Winter Class, and the Mobile Development training...


Reflector 5.0 released!

This is great news! Reflector 5 is out! And the best .NET Developer tool around has some new cool functions! Reflector 5.0 Reflector 5.0 Add-Ins @ CodePlex Reflector 5.0 New Features (PPT) You can now use uri’s...


ASP.NET debugging on Vista/IIS7

For some reason, a single project I’m working on wouldn’t let the debugger attach to my IIS7 on Vista. I was completely clueless on why this was happening. Great thing is, the problem is solved, it...