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LLBLGen Pro 2 article

Although I’ve written articles for magazines before, it had never crossed my mind to create an article about a technological subject. Because of the RAD Race held this year, the general editor of Software...


Debugging – part deux

In the not so distant past I was bold enough to call Jan and Patrick whiners. But currently I have to extend an application with some functionality and I’ve been debugging it for a...



I’m currently debugging an application and it says: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld. Anyone any idea what it means?! 😉


Advanced usage of the ?? operator

P.J. van de Sande from the (Dutch) weblog Born 2 Code .NET has two posts about the in .NET 2.0 new ?? operator. In the first post he explains what it does and why...


Copy constructors

Download source in attachment at the bottom. A while ago I heard the term “copy constructor” for the first time from a C++ developer. A copy constructor is a constructor which takes a (single) parameter...