Delay course, part 3

For about a year, I’m waiting for a change to follow our internal Object Orientated Design & Programming course. Two times it has already been cancelled because there weren’t enough people for the course, which has a whopping max of 8  people!

Now finally there were enough people, I get to go to a client about 100Km away from where I live, across two major highways which are always jammed. So I leave at 06:00 (AM) every day and am able to get there in exactly one hour. After 8 hours of work, I get back in about 75 minutes. But because of this new client, I couldn’t go to the course, as this project is only for about 20 days. Sure, why not, cancel it a third time…

Anyway, at some point, the client realised that what I had to automate, could also wait a little longer. Mainly because the preparation wasn’t all that good and they didn’t have all the requirements for the application I had to (re)write. So monday, I heard I could follow the course after all. I must admit I kinda was afraid they already had 8 people joining the course so I couldn’t fit in anymore, but to my luck I could join as well.

Until this morning. I was called that the course couldn’t be held, because they weren’t able to find someone who could present the course.

Do you have any idea how frustrated I am?

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6 Responses

  1. Paul Gielens says:

    Same here, I would have done S95.XML interchangeability for MES and ERP systems as it wasn’t for the pressure put on by my program manager. I already skipped it twice because of the same reason. Sucks doesn’t it.

  2. Rutger says:

    Ik voel helemaal met je mee, Dennis.

    Volgende maand mogen we ht nog eens proberen.

  3. Frans Bouma says:

    Behoorlijk lame zeg. Maar dit mag je je AD aanrekenen, het is zijn taak dat je goede scholing krijgt aangeboden, desnoods buiten ‘the firm’ 😉

  4. @Paul: Sorry for you, but I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😉

    @Rutger: Maybe… It’s my third time this course wasn’t held.

    @Frans: Hehehehe, you’re pretty negative, even in Dutch! 😉 And I couldn’t care less about my AD. At our company (the little company, one of the hundreds, inside ‘the firm’. Of simpel in Nederlands, onze vestiging) it’s not really about who’s your AD, but about who’s your team manager. I’ve noticed this a lot, people asking me about my AD, or giving me comments (aka advice 😉 about my AD, but I couldn’t care less. I deal everything with my team manager and he’s a great guy!

    Now I’m scoring points for our BACC!

    "Bruine Armen Competence Centre" 😉

  5. Frans Bouma says:

    haha 🙂 Nou, ik ben verder vrij positief, alleen over CMG lukt dat op een of andere manier niet 😉

    Maar alle gekheid op een stokje, je AD is ook degene waar je je reviews bij hebt toch? En je carriereplanning mee bespreekt, dus hij moet dat regelen. Ik kan het mishebben, maar hij (of zij ?) is toch ook degene die je op opdrachten plaatst, of is daar tegenwoordig een laag tussengeprakt bij CMG?

  6. @Frans: Geen laag tussen, bij ons op de vestiging communiceer je gewoon met je TM. Sommigen hebben geen TM, maar vallen direct onder een AD. Maar ik heb in ieder geval praktisch geen reet te maken met m’n AD. Al de dingen die je noemt, bespreek ik met m’n TM

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