Delay course, part 3

For about a year, I’m waiting for a change to follow our internal Object Orientated Design & Programming course. Two times it has already been cancelled because there weren’t enough people for the course, which has a whopping max of 8  people!

Now finally there were enough people, I get to go to a client about 100Km away from where I live, across two major highways which are always jammed. So I leave at 06:00 (AM) every day and am able to get there in exactly one hour. After 8 hours of work, I get back in about 75 minutes. But because of this new client, I couldn’t go to the course, as this project is only for about 20 days. Sure, why not, cancel it a third time…

Anyway, at some point, the client realised that what I had to automate, could also wait a little longer. Mainly because the preparation wasn’t all that good and they didn’t have all the requirements for the application I had to (re)write. So monday, I heard I could follow the course after all. I must admit I kinda was afraid they already had 8 people joining the course so I couldn’t fit in anymore, but to my luck I could join as well.

Until this morning. I was called that the course couldn’t be held, because they weren’t able to find someone who could present the course.

Do you have any idea how frustrated I am?