Visual Studio 2005

I did a lot of catching up on blogs, as SharpReader wouldn’t load up anymore a couple of weeks ago. I asked Luke what happened, as the log said some dates in my cache documents were screwed up. Didn’t got a response, so I copied all rss url’s and subscribed again. Too bad I lost a lot of history! 🙁 Anyway, I first read a post from Alex Thissen that there’s a webcast online on ObjectSpaces and I thought I should see it. Then I found a webcast on Test Driven Development (TDD) which I’m curious about and finally post on Robert McLaws blog about Visual Studio 2005 and him playing around with Whitehorse. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take up VS2005 but I didn’t know that Whitehorse was included! I’m very curious about this new product! So tonight, while downloading VS2005 I’m going to watch those webcasts, if my daughter Emma will let me! 😉 Once I played with it a bit, I’ll come back on it again, right here.