MSDN Subscriber downloads is sloooooow

I started downloading Office 2003 and Visio 2003 yesterday. I stopped it around 16:00 hours and continued it this morning. I’ts now 16:00 hours again and I’m only 42% on Office and 75% on Visio. And although the network I’m on right now doesn’t have a really fast connection onto the internet, compared to the number of people on it, it definitly is faster then the 0 – 5 KB/s I’m getting. At home I have a 2MB connection and I’m not getting much more bandwith from Microsoft at night.

Although it’s not really support, it is something else to complain some more about! 🙁

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2 Responses

  1. Mischa Kroon says:

    Usually the best thing to do is to cancel the download when your not getting a good speed and then resuming.

    Or use something like DAP / Getright / flashget …

  2. How can I get these downloads with Getright? I don’t get an url or anything, it always loads up the download manager from microsoft.

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