Infragistics reference applications

I’ve known for a while the company called Infragistics offered a really, really complete set of controls for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. A complete package, that they call NetAdvantage can be bought for a couple of hundred dollars, including sourcecode and everything!

What I didn’t know, was that they also offered two cool reference applications, for free!
The first one is called Tracker and is something like TaskVision and also a Windows Forms application. The fun is that it’s an n-Tier application with complete sourcecode. I’ve installed the application (although I didn’t use the Infragistics webservice, but my local sql-server) and it works very well. It looks even better. I can’t get it to run, because the controls aren’t supplied, which is obvious, because you have to buy these.

The second app is a web application called Expense which can be viewed online here. I haven’t downloaded the sourcecode for this app, but as the previous, this probably can’t be compiled as well.

Anyway, both applications and more info on NetAdvantage can be found here.