Using FTP

I’ve setup an FTP server some time ago but I can’t seem to get it working. I’ve blogged about FTP’ing before, where I asked you people what application to use. I’m using BulletProof which seems like a great server!

Maikel has given me this great url,, from where I can test my FTP server. I did a test, it gives an error immediatly! 🙂

Now I’m having some problems.
First one is that nobody from outside seems to be able to connect to it. I’m running a NAT service as well and have mapped port 21 to my internal ip address. That raises question one, found below.

Second is, at work we’re behind a proxy which doesn’t allow FTP’ing. It’s not just port 21, as I believe. When I try servers located on different ports, I also can’t connect. That raises question two. 1.Are there any other ports used when FTP’ing, besides port 21?
2.Is there a solution for FTP’ing through HTTP or HTTPS or anything?

Question 2 probably doesn’t have an answer. As I think of it, 1 doesn’t have one either, probably… Anyway, I’ll have another look. Maybe someone can help me.