VB6 mousewheel fix

Lorenzo Barbieri questions himself why he hasn’t found this sooner; the VB6 mousewheel fix! He got it from dredge, by the way.

The problem is, I’ve been doing a VB6 application for a few weeks, adding some functionality, and you have no idea how I missed using my mouse, using it to scroll the sourcecode!

I’m done with the project and only now I now how to fix it! Maybe I should’ve search for it in the KB sooner! 🙁

Anyway, I hope I never have to use it! 😉

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2 Responses

  1. Alex Thissen says:

    It also depends on the type of mouse driver you are using. The default mouse driver does not work. If you install IntelliMouse scrolling in VB6 works as well.

  2. I tried this, because I thought I remembered from a long forgotten past that the IntelliMouse driver worked. But the driver in my post didn’t work either!

    Doesn’t matter, I’m uninstalling VB6! Blegh! 😉

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