Extremely important

Although so very offtopic, it’s extremely important news. At least to me it is! Het haring seizoen is begonnen!!! In English, it’s “Herring season has started!!!”
I have no idea if you know what herring is, but it’s raw fish. It’s internals are torn out, the skin is removed, you grab it by the tail, put it in your mouth and from their on I can’t describe the enjoyment you receive. And the good thing about herring is, you taste it in your mouth all day long! For your collegues, especially the ones that despise herring, it’s not that nice, because they can smell you ate herring from 20 meters away! 😉

Anyway, I just ate three and they were delicious!!!
Saterday is herring day at my inlaws. That’s one of the reasons I married my wife! 😉