Enhancing user experience with pictures

I’m constantly looking for ways to enhance user experience on the applications I build. One way is by adding a really cool user interface. I try to achieve this by looking at Windows. Windows itself could have severy flaws in user interface design, but it’s what everyone is used to, so that’s always the best thing!

I also try to add some really cool icons and pictures. Recently I got a set of really cool pictures from someone I’m definitly able to use in applications. But I’m looking to add some more to my collection. Here are some examples on the kind of pictures I’m talking about.


 If you have anything that’s like these pictures, I’d really like to share some of them! Ofcourse, our versions have to be a little bigger so I can scale them some, so they still look good when used.
So if you’re into sharing, post a reply or contact me directly…