New Bloggers

We’ve got some new bloggers joining here at Wasabi.

First there’s Rob van der Meijen who will also be one of the .NET bloggers. You’ve already seen him posting some items.

There’s also Aldo Braam. He’s organizing a SQL-Server 2005 beta program at our company and hopefully he’ll blog some about the product and the program. I still have to setup an account for him, but I hope to do so this evening. It really sucks I can’t do this from the web. I probably have to create a maintance page for this or something. Or has someone else already did this?

Anyway, I’d also like to remind you of the fact that we want to register a domain name, but can’t think of any good name. I’ve asked this before and people mailed me to register “” but i don’t see the connection to .NET, so I’ll let that one pass! If you know of a cool name for our blogs, please let me know, either in the comments or by mail.