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Via a trackback I discovered some more dutch bloggers. They stick to writing in Dutch, which we didn’t, to get a larger audience, and to have the ability to invite non-dutch bloggers. So this post probably isn’t interesting to non-Dutch readers.

Anyway, S Dot One made the trackback and that’s how I discovered Heeft het over .NET. There are more bloggers, you might want to check them out.

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  1. Paul Gielens says:

    They requested to be added to the Dutch bloggers list I’ve maintained thus far. I think they are a great addition so I’ll do that as soon as my busy schedule lets me. Still not sure if their writing in Dutch will attract "the audience". I already think we have far to less connection with international .NET communities. What you recon Dennis? split into a Dutch and English section or just add them to the list. Not that it matters that much anyway 😀

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