I really don’t want to start a rant about VB.NET again, if it’s not for the purpose of upsetting some collegues and have a friendly war around here.

But I can’t stand how irritating VB.NET is, when you really get to work with it. I was trying some things out for a new project, started to code a little in two different projects and it came out pretty ok. So I decided to continue working with those projects, but because of the tests, I didn’t get a good namespace name yet. So I changed it. Now I have to change some inherits statements, but can’t access them (as far as I know) from the VS.NET environment! Have to load global.asax.vb and some other files to change it!

And don’t get me started on the withevents and shared noninheritable and others… Bah! Update (9/8/2004 7:45GMT) All my error messages are about something being null, while I have to check on Nothing as null is not defined in VB.NET!
How hard can it be for VB.NET developers to understand null and for the converter to convert “nothing” to “null“?

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