Star Wars Hyperspace sucks, eMule rules!

I can’t believe this! I just got my Homing Beacon, the official Star Wars newsletter. I already knew the trailer for Revenge of the Sith would be released in november, but after reading the following, I’m quite pissed:

*The eagerly awaited teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith premieres worldwide next week on Hyperspace. In the early afternoon of Thursday, November 4 (US time), the trailer will be available for high quality download only to members of Hyperspace, in partnership with AOL.*

November 8 the trailer will also be available for the world, but who cares? Everyone wants to watch the trailer 24h a day from the moment it’s released!

Luckely we have eMule and I doubt the trailer won’t be shared there from the moment it’s released. Lucas goes way out of line with his drive for mo’ money. Releasing every movie five times on VHS, then a few times more on DVD is already way too much, and wanting money for early access to the trailer is too much.

Oh ja, en Amstelveeners zijn saaier!