I have been working on my own website for years! As a true developer, I have never been satified, nor have I ever finished a website. And I don’t believe I ever publically announced it was online or anything, so only a few friends of mine new of its existence. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I always quitted development on it, because not really anyone comes and visits it, or whatever.

Anyway, on the root of this domain (sphear.demon.nl) I had a page that said a website was coming, with a link to these weblogs. I removed that page and now the website is visible to everyone. It hasn’t got much functionality yet, but you can post comments using a pretty cool reaction system and place oneliners. Personally I will be able to add news through a few maintenance screens. Oh, and I hope the reaction system will work. You can post unregistered, but when you register your name isn’t usable by anyone else. Go check it out.

Minor detail, it’s completely in Dutch! 😉

Visit it here…
Now I only need a new domain, but after years I still don’t have a cool name!