FeedReader proxy password change

Some keywords in the topic for everyone searching through Google! 😉

There’s a bug in FeedReader which results in not being able to change your proxy password. When you’re on a domain which makes you change your password every few weeks, that’s a bit of a problem. Luckely you can take a look at the source of FeedReader, as it’s open source on SourceForge.

If gProperties.ProxyEnabled Then
  if gProperties.ProxyPassword = ” then
    if gProperties.ProxyUsername <> ” Then
      gProperties.ProxyPassword :=

As a result, I tried to remove the password from the .ini file, but that will lock up the application completely. So after removing the complete .ini file (from c:documents and settings[username]Application DataFeedReader) I could enter everything again and the popup came up which asked for my password.

Before doing this, I emailed the developers of FeedReader, with the question on how to change my password. If they respond, I’ll give them the solution to their problem. 😉

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  1. Ramon Smits says:

    Why are you using Feedreader? RssBandit works better for me. A major plus for RssBandit is that you can post feedback on an rss item from within rssbandit so you do not have to use the websites feedback panel.

    By the way.. having some bittorrent rss feeds in your reader is so cool! 🙂 But I guess that this will not be new for you Dennis.

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