I want to pick up some stuff demoscene related. I still love watching an occasional demo and I still get a kick out of showing demos to collegues or friends. Although I love the dos scene much better, still a good amount of great demos is released.

So from time to time I’m gonna be looking back at some of these babies, bring your attention to some newer demos and perhaps explain some parts of the demos or the coding it involves. With my recent discovery of DOSBox that’s able to run my old gus dos demos, I’m also able to show you the directions to those golden oldies that are definitly nostalgia for me!

Anyway, I’ll al be doing this in my own blog from now on, not in the aggregated feed, as perhaps not everyone appreciates this, although I cannot imagine that myself! 🙂

By the way, can anyone guess the name of the 64K intro I got the idea for my header from?

(Anyone but Ramon, whom I already discussed this with! 🙂