CS again, Rob Howard responds

With so many people in the blogging community talking about .Text and wether it’s dead or not, all we can say is that Community Server is getting a good amount of attention, no matter if it’s good or bad.

Anyway, I just read at Lamont Harrington’s blog, that Rob Howard responded to a post of Lamont about CS Beta 3.He has put to words what partially was my feeling about CS, without even knowing. But the blogs, the forum and the gallery, aren’t tight together into one product. It feels like three seperated products.

As Lamont says, when you look at SharePoint 2003, everything is tied together. People or projects have their own sub portal, and they can put a document online and discuss that with others, upload photos and more, all within their own little space. That’s what CS is currently lacking.

But Rob Howard explains that version 1.0 isn’t a feature release, but rather a stable release. In the future, further integration should be made available. Features like replying via email, viewing the forum via NNTP in Outlook Express (for example) should be in the next version. What I’m still missing here, is uploading images through a webservice. BlogJet for example, is able to upload files to an ftp server, but most of the time, I can’t use ftp from within clients. So when CS supports this, and BlogJet or other tools support this, would be great!

Anway, a new difficulty in deciding to go for .Text .097 and further, or not. Because if we do go for .Text, we’re getting seriously out of sync with CS. We would probably be able to create update scripts, but still.