MSF for Agile Software Development

MSF for Agile Software Development is a scenario-driven, context-based, agile software development process that utilizes many of the ideas embodied in Team System

If you have ever looked at the RUP manual, you’ll see the resemblence in Microsoft’s MSF for Agile Software Development. There are probably more manuals (or guidelines) that resemble these documents, but I was pleased with the way Microsoft creates theirs. They’re so friendly to look at, a pleasure to read, but I guess I’ve already mentioned that’s the way Microsoft does things. It’s in Beta however, and as far as could see in the quick look I took, links to example documents aren’t there yet, although (some of) the documents are provided.

But it’s very usefull to read and perhaps to point your project leader, business analyst, tester, etc towards this documentation. I can only hope other Microsoft and other companies will provide more of these documents or process guidelines with the same user friendly style this document has.