DevDays Pre Conference Day

Todat was the pre conference day for the Dutch Dev Days 2005.The topic I went to was about Team System. Most of the things I had already seen from various documents and a TechEd video presentation. It still was pretty cool.

One thing though, was that for Team System to work from a home pc, you need a VPN connection to your server, if you want to go across public internet. In the RTM version it’s supposed to work over https with a nice popup box for you username & password, but until then it’s useless to test it over the internet. This doesn’t fit into some plans I had, to work with some collegues on TS from our homes.

Another thing people could not ignore, was the snow. We aren’t used to a lot of snow anymore here in Holland, but it’s almost a miracle when it’s that much, in march! Took me some time to get home. Luckely a lot of people went home early or didn’t go to work at all, so traffic jams weren’t as bad as expected.