Golden Earring at company party

Every year our company holds this meeting where every employee from the
Netherlands is invited for. Our chiefs come to talk about how great we are, how
great the company does because of us and how great we, the employees, are going
to make this year for us and our company. We are the heroes, with a lot of
ambition to make this company the best and, last but not least, make a
lot of money. And so on, and so on.

Then there’s someone to entertain the crowd. This year they invited Jan
Kortie, a name no one has ever heard of. At the office, we visited his site, and this not have high
expectations of his performance. The site says he’ll invite everyone to sing
with him. But when you’ve ever been at these occasions, you know it’s very hard
to achieve. But despite my expectations, Jan Kortie was very funny and in the
end, he got about 3500 people to sing some wicked song with him! Quite an

After that, Golden Earring performed live for us. This rockband from our
country, is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year! So you could say their
band members are… Well, pretty old. They were invited based on the fact
that our company was formed 40 years ago also. Normally they don’t perform at
events like this, but what a performance they gave for us now!
Normally, the
crowd of over 3500 people wanders of after the presentations and only a few
hundred people stay to watch the performance of the band. But probably because
so many people enjoyed Golden Earring while they were young, a lot more people
then usual stayed to watch. And it was worth staying because, again, they gave a
great performance. It was a small but complete concert, with drum solo, the
usual jokes and such. The crowd was enjoyed and you could notice that the band
was also having a good time, because the lead singer was showing his affection
when really a lot of people started singing along, knowing all songs and
Last year, Blöf was performing. I’m not a big fan of Blöf, but man
did that performance suck. Their fans in our company say it was a good
performance, but they could not be more wrong. The band was having a bad time or
something, because it really showed. They just did some songs, got off stage and
never came back. Golden Earring however whiped Blöf from the face of the earth
with their performance. Played their greatest hits and as encore, their latest
hit called “Can’t sleep without you”.

Besides all this, I met up with old friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time.
And between all the nerds, suits and fortune tellers, there were some really
beautifull women around! 😉

For me, this was the best meeting I had in these four past years! I doubt
next year they’ll achieve a better meeting!

After this, you might think why I blogged this. I just had to! 🙂 Update: Now with a picture of the lead singer. Be sure to
check out his tie! 😉