TopDesk A super top desk application

I have always tried applications or tools like TweakUI and it’s alt-tab replacement. With it, while you alt-tab through your applications, you see a small screenshot of that application. That way, it’s much more clear which applications you’re alt-tabbing through. Even better is the hotspot in the bottom-right corner, or any other corner you set it up for. You just move the mouse there, all applications become visible and you get to select one. Now [Scott Hanselman blogged](,guid,404b1e61-609d-465b-a91c-b397fbb89d01.aspx) about a tool called [TopDesk]( The idea seems to come from Mac OS X Expose, but now for Windows and written in Direct X. Where Tweak UI is really slow, TopDesk is blazing fast on computers that don’t even have a nice Direct3D card. You can check out how it works in [this video by Scott](