Test Driven Development with a Database

A lot of times you hear or read about not touching your database when (technically) unit testing your application. Some reasons were given, but I never really understood why. At most projects, a lot of what we do is shifting around information (data) and always to and from the database. At the first [MAD CodeCamp](http://www.madcodecamp.com/), Darrell Norton had a [presentation](http://www.madcodecamp.com/%5Cmaterials%5C050705%5CTddWithDatabase_Norton.zip) about Test Driven Development and testing your database. I’ve downloaded the presentation and it’s a clear presentation, even without comments in it. Good thing is he also included the source code so you can see an implementation of the three possibilities Darrell offers. If you check the [download directory](http://www.madcodecamp.com/downloads.aspx) there are a lot more presentations that might be usefull reads. **Update :** Roy Osherove has written [an article](http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/05/06/UnitTesting/default.aspx) for MSDN concerning unit testing with database acces. Thought I’d add it.