TechEd 2005 US GrokTalks are up

If you like the MSDN Nuggets that [Carlo Poli has mentioned]( in the past, you might also want to check out the GrokTalks. The GrokTalks were recorder at the US TechEd a few weeks ago and can be streamed and downloaden. Where the Nuggets were about 15 to 30 minutes, these GrokTalks are 10 minutes long at most. They are all presented by Microsoft Regional Directors from all over the world and some are pretty cool to watch. You can find a quick list of [all of them here]( in the archive, where the topic covers the presentation and presenter. If the list is gone because you’re in the year 2007 or something, check out the [june 2005 archive](,month,2005-06.aspx). **Update : ** Definitly watch Kimberly Tripp’s groktalk! Scott Hanselman’s tools is also quite a good one.