BloggingAbout.NET FAQ

What is BloggingAbout.NET?
**BloggingAbout.NET is a community, formed by several people involved in .NET development.
Topics mostly cover development on the .NET Platform, but also issues and interests in the full spectrum of software development. These might be products like BizTalk, methodologies like Agile Software Development, as well as other interests. **How was BloggingAbout.NET formed?
**For some people, the story goes back very far. Insiders might remember Wasabi, a personal project. The real beginning was on a personal webserver at home, without even a real domainname. More and more people joined and it was decided that the blogs were to be hosted at a company. The entire installation was transferred to a real host. Later we upgraded to Community Server, it’s what you’re looking at. **What’s the link to LogicaCMG?
**There is no link. Nothing, nada! LogicaCMG was the employer of the admin of this side, but he currently works at Class-A. **So if I request a blog, I will not be blogging for LogicaCMG?
Most certainly not. You’ll be blogging for yourself and the world wide web, sharing knowledge. That’s what we want and have to offer. **Can I have a blog at BloggingAbout.NET?
**It depends. Everyone wants to blog, not everyone can. Meaning that not a lot of people can write good articles and publish these on the web. Especially the commitment to keep writing is something you have to have. If you think you can, register yourself here under your full name. After registering, contact us to request your weblog. **What are the benefits of registering for an account?
**Registration grants you particular permissions on BloggingAbout.NET. Posting comments is easier and they appear sooner. Also people cannot post under your name anymore. You can also add e-mail subscriptions and add some personal settings and info, like an avatar. **Subscriptions?
**Yes, every weblog and every post gives you the ability, once registered, to send you e-mail notifications once a comment has been added. **Will you sell my e-mail address or spam me?
**Most certainly not. Mass mailings like these are in the top 3 of our own biggest annoyances, the only e-mails you get is the ones you add to your subscription. We don’t even mail you ourselves!