Big change in life

Class-A Businesscard

Besides the fact I haven’t started yet, it can’t get much more official then this.

While I wasn’t really looking for a new job, when the opportunity for Class-A came along I could not resist. The past 8 years it has been my job to deliver software for clients, and that I really enjoyed. At Class-A I’ll try to extend my knowledge and pass on to others what I’ve learned and will learn. Sharing what I’ve learned is something I have done from the very beginning and is what I really like to do. I believe Class-A is providing a unique opportunity here and a big change in what I’ll do every day. That’s the reason I’m changing.

For nearly 5 years I’ve worked at LogicaCMG and learned a lot, and not just on technical side of things. These 5 years also contained a lot of fun with a lot of good colleagues. It would be crazy to name everyone, but I have to name Patrick, Marco, Erik, Novita, Wim, Ritsaert, Edwin, Eelco and Eddy, who all contributed to one single project on which we had a lot of fun. We’ll have to do another “EB Uitje” again, some time soon. I’ll definitely miss the discussions with Pascal! 😉 And of course Mark Mooy, one of my best colleagues as well, the one I’ve worked for all these years. (I’ll hereby resign as President of the BACC. 😉

Anyway, there are still some interesting things to come within LogicaCMG, one of them a presentation on Test-Driven Development. I’m already enjoying the effort spent into creating the presentation. This will be part of my legacy which I’ll hope people will use to enhance their own developing experience. From december 1st, I’ll be joining Anko, Astrid, Frits and Alex.