DotNetNuke is not open source

Rob Howard is ‘surprised‘ to find out about the Slashdot mentality. They and especially a lot of their visitors seem to think that DotNetNuke isn’t open source. The source is definitely open, but it uses SQL-Server. And because SQL-Server isn’t open, it’s not pure open source, and therefor doesn’t count.

His advice: who cares! And he’s right, at least about the point if DNN is open source or not. What I find amusing though, and kind of do care about, is all these people that are so full of themselves. It cannot be the software, it cannot be the user friendliness of the software, how fast it runs, how often it crashes or not. It’s just, it’s Microsoft. And that is what bugs them.

Some user replies that IIS 6.0 is more secure then Apache, and he replies that that’s because has registered 28 security advisories on Apache, of which 2 are still unpatched. IIS 6.0 has had only 2, of whitch both are patched. Then one of those kids that think linux is sexy because it’s not Microsoft, says you can’t compare them that way. First, because secunia isn’t registering everything. I can’t tell. Second, because Apache source can be viewed and IIS 6.0 its source cannot. Then because Apache has been used by beautiful people for almost 6 years now. And IIS 6.0 by people that don’t understand computers for only a year.

Unfortunately IIS 6.0 has many more users, IIS 6.0 is therefor much more interesting for hackers, because of the bigger audience they can attack, and also because all those hackers are kids that still run Linux. And who’d want to hack those 4 Apache servers still running? 😉 Besides that, IIS 6.0 hosts lots of lovely websites for almost 4 years now.

I’d just like to conclude as Rob Howard did and go on with a pleasant life, instead of just arguing with those kids on arguments that proof nothing, from both sides.

What a bunch of idiots…