Rad Race 2006 Results

After a month we finally got to hear the results and at what place we finished in the Rad Race Alex Thissen and I competed in. I spoke about the Rad Race earlier right here and what my experience was. I had no idea what place we would end, and I’m very pleased to see us finish at 4th place!

Unfortunatly I could not attend the ‘ceremony’, because I had to give a training this week. But here’s the info from Alex his blog:

  1. CrossmarX
  2. Transfer Solutions: Ruby team
  3. Servoy
  4. Class-A
  5. Xebia
  6. Transfer Solutions: Oracle team

Congrats to the CrossmarX team. We hope to see you again next year, because we’re really counting on being there again. What’s trange is that the Magic Hands team didn’t do so well this year, while they were last year’s winners.

By the way, I was just reading about the VB.NET team (Dutch) of previous year, where they wrote that the frameworks are more important then Visual Studio and .NET itself. I hope we proved them wrong, because we ‘only’ used LLBLGen Pro and nothing else but Visual Studio 2005 and SQL-Server. We were totally prepared for WinForms, but not for WebForms, so we had to switch the first hour of the event and create everything from scratch, like login, registering, masterpages, user-interface, etc.