Upgrade to Community Server 2.0 complete!

Wow, this is it. It happened! I can relax again! We upgraded!

Yes it’s true, you’re currently looking at Community Server 2.0

Well, I can’t really relax, because I’m still testing to see if everything’s working, upload some stuff, test some more, etc, etc. And if you see anything that’s not working, just send me an e-mail.

Oh, and a mesasge for our webloggers. Most never ever read mail they receive from BloggingAbout.NET, so hopefully they’ll read it here! 🙂
There are now two ways to upload your files and pictures. As you can see in the picture below, there are some strange looking icons. I’m talking about the icon in the lower-right corner, and the exact same icon a bit to the left. The icon on the right is to insert images or files from either the Photos or Files galleries. The other one is to insert images from your personal directory.


So when to choose which method? Well just remember that nice photos go into the gallery, and little screenshot thingies like the one in this post, go into your personal images folder on disk. Same about files. It’s just so the Photo gallery and file downloads will stay a bit clean!

Have fun!

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11 Responses

  1. Thanks for the upgrade!

    BTW: Is it now possible to remove files from the personal images folder? Previously I could only add files and not remove or update them.

    I regularly use the galleries for large screenshots, because of the nice autoresizing feature. I show a smaller version in the blog post and link to the full version in the galleries.

  2. It’s possible to remove images now, yes.

    Your usage of the galleries is excellent! No comments about it there. It’s just for the small images like the one used this post. At codebetter.com they’re using the gallery for those pics as well, and I think the gallery becomes really ugly there. I like our gallery as it is! 🙂

    Another GREAT feature! You’ll get an email now when a comment is posted! And as owner of the weblog you’re able to edit them! Yay! 😉

  3. It’s great that the e-mail notifications are working! That was definitely one of the things I missed most in the previous version.

    I am having some issues with my UserFiles directory though. The URL has changed from http://bloggingabout.net/UserFiles/Erwyn to http://bloggingabout.net/UserFiles/Erwyn%20%van%20der%20Meer. Is that change permanent or a temporary issue?

  4. Permanenet, sorry. I’ve talked about the issue with some people, and it’s not (somewhat easily) possible to retrieve the name of the weblog directory, as was in 1.1.

    Your userfiles folder had the same name as the folder your weblog was in. I’ve had to change every post in the database. Had to create some application that loaded the entire weblog posts table and change every reference in there. I hope everything worked. Just the personal settings, site news, etc. I haven’t changed.

    In short : Yes, it’s permanent

  5. Okay, thanks for the explanation. I’ve changed my personal settings and that clears up the issues I was having with the UserFiles change. Great that you already updated all blog posts!

  6. Great job Dennis. So far no problems. Didn’t check my files and images yet, but I guess they’ll all be fine 😉

  7. Chi Wai Man says:

    Wow cool! Thanx for all the hard work Dennis. I still have a request. It would be nice if we can upload our pictures by using the meta api interface. Would that be possible for in the future?

  8. As far as I know the meta api doesn’t support that. If so; no, it’s not possible. We can only hope Telligent Software will create it’s own api/webservices that support uploading images. And then we need a client that supports this functionality.

    There are other options however which I need to investigatge. If I find something interesting, I’ll let you know.

  9. It’s been out there for a couple of days, and I found no problems. In fact, it’s even better than before, because I can finally write posts at the client I now work for.

    One “complaint” though. I don’t like the current aggregate page at http://bloggingabout.net. There’s only room for the first 6 entries. The old version allowed for a lot more. Can that be changed?

  10. Dennis, I can’t see the image upload buttons you show in your post when I try to edit a new post. In fact, I don’t see any of the icons in the toolbar in the lower left hand corner.

    Any clues?

  11. Jan, click on your name (top right) and go to “Site Options” tab. Choose HTML Rich Text Editor (for editors) and you’ll have your icons 🙂

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