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The demoscene seems to have found for getting demos on the net. The winner of Assembly 2006 was by The Black Lotus, and they seem to rule the Amiga scene. I was looking for a video and found it at YouTube. It’s pretty impressive, but probably won because it’s an Amiga demo, not overall the best demo. But hey, I wasn’t there to vote, so I cannot complain! 😉

But I started searching for more videos. Some that jumped out are:

Ninja 2
A demo I hadn’t seen in a long, long time… I first saw it during X, my first party ever. No idea what year it was, probably ’94 or ’95. It was organized by SuccesS somewhere near Utrecht. The demo is very cartoonish like, go see it here.

Created solely by Statix, for a good part on my computer. It was released during Wired 96 in southern Belgium. Before the party, Statix asked on #nlcoders (an irc channel) if he could finish the intro on someone’s computer, as he could not bring one from England. I offered my computer.

Something I regretted afterwards, because he totally crashed my pc while I was asleep at night. He used some tool to compress the executable which crashed and destroyed my harddrive. The bad thing was, my entire BBS was on that pc. Luckely Nix from TBL helped out by attaching my harddrive to his computer. We copied everything that could be safed on his, I reformatted mine, installes MS-DOS, went back to Nix and copied everything back. That was a crazy night. As a thank you for all these troubles, we got mentioned in the greetings of Paper! Our group name was Subliminal.

Go watch it here. And be sure to do so! More info here on Pouet.

Second Reality
The most well-known demo ever is probably Second Reality by the Future Crew. I wasn’t around in the demoscene by the time it got released, but it was pretty groundbreaking because it redefined what demos were and could do. As wikipedia says: “the demo exceeded what were widely believed to be the limits of PC hardware in 1993”.

Anyway, you can view the demo here, download it (201MB) with eDonkey or order the DVD MindCandy or watch it with an emulator.


Puker was a demo by the Dutch group SuccesS, of whom we knew Harlequin, one of its members. View it here.

No idea why this is called ‘HaringFeest’, because it’s at The Party held in Denmark. But I mention this video because it has SuccesS in it, with Harlequin at 1:16, who’s a friend of Subliminal. We went to Bizarre together once (can’t remember which year) and played a lot of Quake there. Harlequin (his realname was Arjen, can’t remember his last name) created the Quake clan “One Minute Survivors”, also known as 1ms. Too bad the only reference I can find is from Q4O (Quake For Oldies, who only had players older then 30 years! 😉 and can be found here, with a screenshot of an endscore here.

Anyway, the video can be found here. It gives you an idea of how nerd-like demoscene parties were (and probably still are).

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3 Responses

  1. Ramon Smits says:

    Aaaaaah.. the good old days of the demoscene 🙂

    Funny that most demos that are transcoded to VLB’s are only a few megabytes in their original form. Paper was a 64k demo if I remember correctly.

  2. Matthijs Hoekstra says:

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up, That paper demo is very cool.

    I quit that scene around the time pc came up and everything got filled 3d, to much mathematics 🙂

    Good memories on the demo parties, coding till late night on the good old amiga 500

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