Team Fortress 2

It’s been long, very long since we’ve heard something about Team Fortress 2.The first Team Fortress was build on top of the original Quake, or Quakeworld actually. The developers were working on Team Fortress 2 when they joined Half-Life, and they ported Team Fortress to the Half-Life engine. The fact that Half-Life was build on top of Quake, probably helped.

Then Team Fortress 2 : Brotherhood of Arms was announced. Features I was amazed about were the fact that, when you were strafing, your body was running forward, but your head turned the way you were looking. Also volumetric fog was very promising, where a smoke grenade would case thicker smoke inside a small room than outside in the open. A very cool feature would be where spies would be able to listen-in on the teamspeak between members of the opposing force when he was close enough. That was 1998 and everything went silent on TF2.

Exactly 9 years later, during the July 2006 EA Press Conference, Valve revealed that Team Fortress 2 would ship with Half-Life 2 : Episode Two. Finally news about the game!

Mostly new is the cartoonish style Valve has used to give the game its own look. While few screenshots have been released, trailers have been released to show the different ingame classes that can be played. I can’t wait until this game is released, especially since Half-Life : Episode Two will contain a really great new (in-game) technology called The Portal.