Weblogs in distress

When you think hundreds of weblogs are going to blog about the new release of Windows Live Writer, Somasegar shares some info on Windows Vista that causes a lot of stress in the .NET blogging community. And I think they’re quite right, because as Frans sums it up:

  • Visual Basic 6 runtime and IDE. Supported.
  • Visual Studio.NET 2002. Not supported
  • Visual Studio.NET 2003. Not supported
  • Visual Studio.NET 2005. Supported with SP1 (now in beta) and you’ve to shut down UAC, till they’ve fixed that after Vista ships.

That’s quite ridiculous! It has been a long time since I’ve done something in .NET 1.1 but at Class-A we still train people in it, because of various reasons. So I do have Visual Studio 2003 installed. But installing Windows Vista makes sure, as it seems, that installing Visual Studio 2003 isn’t necessary as it just won’t work! How weird.

I hope someone can tell us that VS2003 actually does work, but seeing the number of comments on Somasegar’s post I don’t think I have to set my expectations too high. Update : Here’s a quote from Scott Guthrie on Paul Wilson’s weblog: