IE7Office 2007 and RSS

I’m currently using Omea Reader by Jetbrains for all my RSS subscriptions. But after re-installing my laptop and installing the latest Omea Reader, some weird indexing bug occured. The bug is fixed in version 2.2, which is still beta, but can be downloaded here. Unfortunatly the link is broken. I’ve sent emails to about 8 departments inside JetBrains, but only some nice lady called Daniela Vokalova from sales replied that she’d forward the mail.

But since Internet Explorer 7 has built in RSS Support, I’d thought I’d give it a try. First things that I’ve noticed:

  1. I can’t import OPML files/feeds
  2. A weird feed subscription without items was suddenly inserted without a name or any items. I can’t delete it, and when I try to rename it, I can’t submit the new name. The input-field stays.

So I booted Outlook 2007 again and was notified that I could merge Outlook and IE7 RSS Feeds. I did and decided to check out the RSS functionality in Outlook. Great, it provides OPML imports. Unfortunatly only in the root, so I had to move every BloggingAbout.NET weblog into a new folder.

As every weblog was newly inserted, all items were unread. I right-clicked the folder I had moved all weblogs in, selected “mark all as read”, and nothing happened. You have to right-click every feed seperatly. You can’t ctrl- or shift-select mutliple feeds.

So I hope JetBrains soon fixes the link, because I think I’ll stick to Omea Reader. Update I’ve received mail from JetBrains that the link is fixed and an even newer version was uploaded. My weird indexing bug is now gone and I’m a very happy Omea Reader user again! Download the EAP here.