TestDriven.NET 2.0 RTM

Some time ago I had a discussion with my colleague Alex Thissen about the differences between Visual Studio 2005 (unit) testing, and NUnit and TestDriven.NET. I’m very pro NUnit, but Alex says he can do everything I do with VS2005.I disagreed and we talked about bitchslapping, or perhaps some bitslapping on our weblogs. Nothing came from it though.

Until now…

I just noticed TestDriven.NET 2.0 has been released and it has some awesome features! For n00bs, TestDriven.NET offers Visual Studio integration for NUnit. When you take a look at Jamie Cansdale his RTM post on his weblog, you’ll notice some awesome features like:

  1. Reflector integration
    Reflector is the must-have tool for every developer, and the new integration from TestDriven.NET is just plain AWESOME!
  2. Code coverage with NCover or Team Coverage
  3. Our new best friend, “Repeat Test Run” 🙂
  4. Test with .NET 1.1 from within Visual Studio 2005
  5. Pluggable unit testing frameworks.
  6. TypeMock.NET integration

So what are you waiting for? Download, download, download, downloadNOW!