Newsflash 2

Almost a year ago, January 26, I tried to start a short list of links that I found interesting, and called it Newsflash. Unfortunately, not much came from it, until now. Here’s #2 😉


  • CardSpace/InfoCard for .NET 1.1
    It’s really nice that in the future, dasBlog supports CardSpace under .NET 1.1! Garret Serack, Program Manager on the Federated Identity Team (Cardspace) build this to support CardSpace for dasBlog users who don’t have the luxury of .NET 3.0. I wonder if it’s also working under .NET 2.0, as all/most assemblies should run under 2.0.
  • Provider Pattern: A practical guide to decoupling .NET 2.0 applications
    My friend Miguel has written a short but very practical introduction into the Provider Pattern that’s widely used throughout ASP.NET. I’ve never seen such short but good explanation on how the Provider Pattern works. I’d suggest he’d do this more often and perhaps workout an example of the pattern.
  • C# 3.0 for mere mortals, part 5: Lambda expressions
    If you haven’t seen Alex Thissen his article series on C# 3.0 for mere mortals, be sure to check them out. He’s a star in explaining things, so if you don’t understand what he’s saying about Lambda expressions, you might think again about being a developer. Just kidding of course. But I do believe after a lot of hobbyists started doing .NET, developing can become an art again with every new version of .NET.


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  1. I am glad to see support for CardSpace arising. Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t seem to use it themselves yet. I am hoping I can sign in to Microsoft properties using CardSpace instead of Windows Live IDs (aka .NET Passports) really soon.

    The voice capabilities of Exchange Server 2007 are pretty impressive for both Dutch and English! I am hoping for a Windows Vista version that can recognize both Dutch and English as well.

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