Visual Studio 2005 Update for Windows Vista Beta

Just recently Service Pack 1 was released (Beta!) for Visual Studio 2005.Back then, the Vista update had a link, but it was removed. Miguel blogged that the beta version is online!

This update is required because of the security enhancements to Windows Vista. One of the biggest problems was the debugger, for example attaching the debugger to the new IIS7.Here’s info from Microsoft…

During the development of Windows Vista, several key investments were made to vastly improve overall quality, security, and reliability from previous versions of Windows. While we have made tremendous investments in Windows Vista to ensure backwards compatibility, some of the system enhancements, such as User Account Control, changes to the networking stack, and the new graphics model, make Windows Vista behave differently from previous versions of Windows. These investments impact Visual Studio 2005.The Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista Beta addresses areas of Visual Studio impacted by Vista enhancements.

Remember when installing you run it with elevated administrator rights. According to Microsoft you have to have UAC enabled.

Get it here.