Happy new year

Happy New Year ChampagneHappy new year everyone!!!

Of course we wish you all the best for this new year! At the ending of 2006 a lot of new technologies have been released that most of us aren’t working with yet. I’m thinking the .NET Framework 3.0, Office System and Vista among others. I hope we’ll all get to work with them this year as they’re making my life as developer a lot more fun!

Besides that, also the best to everyone in health and with your families!

At Class-A there’s happening a lot this year. First of all, Pascal Naber will join us this month. I hope he’ll start blogging a bit more here! We also have some cool new trainings to offer you, among others the Windows Communication Training that I’ll personally be giving. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up for it. 😉

Again, all the best for this new year!