Reflector 5.0 released!

This is great news! Reflector 5 is out! And the best .NET Developer tool around has some new cool functions!

  • [Reflector 5.0](
  • [Reflector 5.0 Add-Ins]( @ CodePlex
  • [Reflector 5.0 New Features]( (PPT) You can now use uri’s to let Reflector navigate to a method or property. For example : [code://nunit.framework/NUnit.Framework.Assert/AreSame(Object,Object)](//nunit.framework/NUnit.Framework.Assert/AreSame(Object,Object)) Just great for in documentation or in articles on the web. Or even magazines! 😉 A few other things Reflector 5 supports: * C# 2.0 and 3.0 support * Use multiple Windows, analyzer and disassembler open at the same time. * Shell integration * “Instantiated By” and “Exposed By” searches. I’m going to love these! * String or Constant search! Going to love these as well. It was the only reason to sometimes switch to ildasm. * And… it works under Vista, not that I care… 😉 You can update using Reflector using Help -> Check for updates. If I were an American citizen, I’d vote Lutz Roeder for president!