I’ll be attending MIX’07 in Las Vegas this year as well as the parallel MDEC conference for Mobile development. One of my goals for this year is to do more with ASP.NET so Alex isn’t the only one with all the knowledge 😉

Some fun things are:

  • Vegas! Need I say more?!
  • A lot on ASP.NET, Ajax and WPF/E. I haven’t looked into Ajax and WPF/e much yet, so I should learn a lot here.
  • I’m particularly interested in the success stories behind really large websites.
  • Rumors that new stuff will be presented at MIX’07, for example still-secret “Technology X”
  • I’ll stay at the Venetian, a great hotel with over 4000 rooms, 70 shops and multiple other facilities. Oh, and a casino as well 😉
  • Windows Vista Ultimate and Expression Studio free for all registrants
  • ASP.NET and PHP head-to-head.
    I’ll be attending this conversation as I’ve never looked at PHP and I’m interested on where the discussion will lead to. I’m hoping for both a religious discussion (for the fun) as a serious discussion on pros and cons of both.
  • Pussycat dolls at Pure? I’m might take a look, but I’m not sure I’m really into that…

I’ll keep you informed right here. For all Dutch readers, I’ll try and post some stories at my personal weblog.