Viva Las Vegas

So I arrived… Yesterday the plane landed in Las Vegas and the first thing that I saw were… slotmachines! This is Vegas of course.

Las Vegas Airport The Venetian - view from my window

I’m staying in The Venetian and the hotel is gorgeous. After publishing this, I’ll start taking some pictures and publish them on Flickr. You can already see some pictures from my trip to Las Vegas.

This morning I attended an EMEA meeting where they gave away some info that wasn’t really useful. They announced that the Expression sweet is officially released tomorrow, but that’s not really unexpected, as every attendee gets its own copy. I’ll probably be visiting some brainstorm session later today. I think I’ll head to bed early, as I’m still suffering from not sleeping for over 24 hours and of course the jetlag.

For all Dutch readers, you can also see a report of my trip to MIX07 and Las Vegas at my personal weblog.