Developer Days

I’ve had a really good time at the Dutch Developer Days 2007, meeting a lot of people. Also had some good time fighting people with lightsabers. The Class-A stand was right beside it, so we had a lot of opportunities to take pictures. Especially during the sessions. 😉

When the photographer made a comment about me being a “Trekkie”, when I knew the sabers where actually called lightsabers, I just had to explain this was Star Wars, and not that other movie… I immediately explained to him what the difference is between Star Wars and Star Trek. Because in Star Trek it’s really noticeable that the set is made up of carton and such, and Star Wars actually really happened. As everyone, he found that very funny, actually going : “Huh huh huh, yeah, right…”

Anyway, here are the pictures! 🙂

devdays2007-starwars1  Alex Thissen and me devdays2007-starwars2 Marco Stolk, Robert Jan van Holland, me and Patrick Bes devdays2007-starwars3