I’m so ALT.NET that it hurts

I’m so very, very, very ALT.NET that I’m NOT going to look at Ruby, Python or any other dynamic language. Everyone’s doing it, I’m taking my own path and stay C# and VB.NET.

There, glad I finally said it. My coming out!

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4 Responses

  1. Marc Jacobi says:

    When you’ve seen (and done) z80/68000/x86 assembly, C/C++/VB6/C# (VBA/VB-script/Jscript), Win32/(D)COM(+)/.NET and MFC/ATL/.NET(1.0-3.0) Fx and Programmers Workbench/Visual Studio 1.0-8.0 you just know that enough is enough!

    I’m there right with you. NO MORE!

  2. Marco Stolk says:

    What does it mean to be to be ALT.NET? In short it signifies:

    1. You’re the type of developer who uses what works while keeping an eye out for a better way.
    2. You reach outside the mainstream to adopt the best of any community: Open Source, Agile, Java, Ruby, etc.
    3. You’re not content with the status quo. Things can always be better expressed, more elegant and simple, more mutable, higher quality, etc.
    4. You know tools are great, but they only take you so far. It’s the principles and knowledge that really matter. The best tools are those that embed the knowledge and encourage the principles (e.g. Resharper.)

    source = http://laribee.com/blog/2007/04/10/altnet/

  3. Mischa Kroon says:

    I thought that alt.net was a combination of tools which people use instead of the standard MS stuff so:

    Testdriven.net, nant, mbunit, Castle, etc

    instead of VSTS bits.

  4. @Micha, Marco Stolk sums up the list you are measured against. (No idea why he did this though 😉

    It’s too bad they already added a list of technology related stuff. They should’ve instead kept this empty as in 3 years open source and agile could very well be … well, let’s just say “sooooo 2007” 😉

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