I really like it when people think about real-life things and bring that into my (or ‘a’) computer. For example, I once saw some kind of fruit-bowl in which you could lay your PDA, camera and other devices and it would automatically download images and stuff. You could then see the images and files in the bowl and shift them around with your hands. The idea was that one of the most used places in our houses is the fruit bowl. People place their keys and phones in there and pictures of their family. So why not use it when we’re thinking about technical devices as well? And after a while, the most used pictures and files are on top and stuff you hardly use is at the bottom of the bowl, hidden under other stuff. And of course Microsoft Surface is another good example.

I just love that kind of use and way of thinking about technology.

It’s the same feeling I have with Ript. When I saw screenshots of Ript I immediately had to try this out for myself. And I love it! Here’s my first experience.

My Ript Page

You can use it to email and save pictures, create multiple of the above pages, very easily add text using a great font. This is stuff that’s great to send to family for a quick snapshot of the latest images. I’d love to see this being incorporated into some service where you can print these pages and/or create a real photo album.

It also reminds me a bit of Max (blog) but this looks much cooler. I don’t know if anyone used the sharing feature of Max, but the idea was very cool. Not sure if it’d work though. It might also be an idea to create some digital photo album you can share. Currently you can only share by creating a jpeg and e-mail it directly from Ript. But perhaps the ability to upload images to Flickr would be also cool.

It’s just so easy to create great looking pages.

Get more information here.

And from a developers point of view, you might want to look at the Ript code with Reflector. You might learn a lot from how it’s set up and organized, even though it’s obfuscated. It looks really clean and maintainable. But then again, it’s written by Oxygen who preach and practice agile a lot!