MSBuild tasks for Team Foundation Server

I’ve experienced editing Team Foundation Server builds by hand and I didn’t like it. Maybe I’m missing something here, but it’s very complex and troublesome. I want some more ‘advanced’ stuff in my build process, like preparing a build for our test environment but also for our production environment. I want to have different configuration files for both, with different connectionstrings for example. And I want my ClickOnce application to be deployed on the correct location with the right version numbers. And I want continues integration with CruiseControl.NET.

That’s not overly complex when I just use CC.NET and MSBuild. But with TFS I cannot extract the build onto my local desktop and change stuff until I think it’s right. I’m interfering with the normal continues builds and other teams don’t like this.

So I decided to leave TFS Build for what it is and use CC.NET and MSBuild stand-alone. Problem is, I still need to checkout files to increase version numbers and such. But I cannot find any MSBuild tasks related to Team Foundation Server!

So my question is…

  1. Are there any MSBuild tasks that can talk to Team Foundation Server?
  2. Is anyone interested in these if I’d develop them?
  3. Is it a good idea to host this stuff on Codeplex?

I’d really like to know answers to these. Email to me directly or respond here. Thanks.