.NET 3.5 Summer Class was… awesome!

The weekend-after has passed and I’ve slept through most of it. Man did we use up some hours (some nights we went on with the training until 23:00 hours) and especially the last night when we drank past the bar its closing hours and went on in a local pub in Domburg!

But of course it wasn’t about partying, but about .NET 3.5.And I really think we discussed everything there is in .NET 3.5 and even more. On the last day, we discussed Silverlight and the Entity Framework even.

The evaluations were great, with most of them replying that it was so much. But as expected, still one step ahead. Both students and us still need to think about how we are going to write our software in the future, especially when you start to realize that LINQ and the other new features is so much more then just querying a database.

Thing is, we at Class-A had a great time organizing it, preparing for it and finally presenting it. I know the students had a great time and I really hope they get the opportunity to use .NET 3.5 in their daily lives.

This week it’s up to Mike, Anko and Astrid and their Business Intelligence Summer Class, going through everything that’s SQL Server and accompanying products.