Borrow and extend; Summer Class

When Microsoft takes a great idea from someone else, they always enhance it. They call this “borrow and extend”. Take tabbed browsing for example, where you can view QuickTabs and get a screen with every open tab in a preview window.

It seems other companies also try this, copying our Summer Class (2006 & 2007) and Winter Class idea, but it seems they don’t get Microsoft’s “borrow and extend” very well.

Our Winter Classes are at least six times better

  1. Microsoft related instead of ‘that other technology/language’
  2. Everything there is to know about .NET 3.5 or Business Intelligence
  3. A complete week offline in a great hotel, 100 meters from the beach, everything arranged
  4. The best trainers in The Netherlands
  5. Gameplay during the evening. When you register, we’re open for discussion about the game(s) 🙂
  6. The ability to build real world applications, because you heard everything; not just the marketing tale

So register before it’s too late. Places are limited!