Agile principles, patterns and practices

A while ago I read the excellent book by Robert C. Martin, called “Agile Software Development : Principles, Patterns and Practices”, I think one of the -if not the books on [wikipedia:Agile Software Development]. But when in the need for a book for a new course under development about exactly the same subjects, I found that the original now has a C# version.


This is truly a great book about a lot of Agile practices like pair programming, test driven development, project velocity and more. But it also contains a lot of important patterns and it explains the [wikipedia:Single responsibility principle], something I tend to tell every training I teach. Because the principle is just so powerful.

It’s great to see that the examples now are in C# instead of that other language. It’s weird though, the book seems to have 200 more pages, but is a lot cheaper than the original.

Find it on Amazon, ComCol or via the ISBN : 9780131857254

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  1. I totally agree with you, this is a must read for everyone who is into pair programming, tdd and patterns and principles.

    If you talk about single responsibility, you talk about object modeling, if you talk about object modeling, you talk about: Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities, and Collaborations []

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