Agile principles, patterns and practices

A while ago I read the excellent book by Robert C. Martin, called “Agile Software Development : Principles, Patterns and Practices”, I think one of the -if not the books on [wikipedia:Agile Software Development]. But when in the need for a book for a new course under development about exactly the same subjects, I found that the original now has a C# version.


This is truly a great book about a lot of Agile practices like pair programming, test driven development, project velocity and more. But it also contains a lot of important patterns and it explains the [wikipedia:Single responsibility principle], something I tend to tell every training I teach. Because the principle is just so powerful.

It’s great to see that the examples now are in C# instead of that other language. It’s weird though, the book seems to have 200 more pages, but is a lot cheaper than the original.

Find it on Amazon, ComCol or via the ISBN : 9780131857254