Sara the super model writes code faster than you!

sara Adel Khalil wrote a post about Mark Miller’s latest post on his weblog. And now I’m continuing the linking fest! 🙂

The woman on the left is a super model named Sara. The reason Mark Miller is blogging about Sara is that she was at DevConnections in Las Vegas. You could challenge her in a coding contest. Interesting was that she had never touched a PC before in her life! Six hours of training in DevExpress’ CodeRush and she can beat any developer out there, not using CodeRush! Isn’t that fantastic?! See the video for a little proof. You could also go watch Gina code an Outlook style app in under 30 minutes.

Jim Holmes practiced his code using ReSharper but failed to win from Sara! Read about it here. Don’t forget to read the comments, where some ReSharper developer comes around and comments : “Still, our tool is better”. The arrogance! 🙂 DevExpress challenged him to come by and test his tool against Sara and CodeRush. Way to go DevExpress!

I think the idea to compete against a super model in a coding contest is an excellent idea and proves their product is worth taking a look. Especially since so many people think ReSharper is the only way to go.