New BloggingAbout.NET Server

If you’re looking at this, you’re looking at BloggingAbout.NET on a brand new 19″ server that’s dedicated to BloggingAbout.NET. We were hosted on a server with about 100 or 200 other sites and we were pulling so much traffic and resources that our sponsor has decided to give us a brand new 19″ in their own rack. Here are some pictures.

BloggingAbout.NET Server BloggingAbout.NET Server

Although this won’t be the only site on this server, all will be personal sites and will probably not pull as much traffic as this one. With uncompressed traffic we were pulling over 2.5 Gigabytes a day. On this new server we should be running much faster and hopefully never go down, although that’s all up to me now, with some support from our sponsor of course. Thanks to Tellus for providing this!

The first site I tested this with is my brand new personal site running on GraffitiCMS. Although it’s in Dutch, it’s probably worth taking a look.